Breastfeeding Mommas

Welcome to Breastfeeding Mommas!

We know that breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby, especially since it looks so natural. It also provides so much benefit for you and your baby. However, this doesn’t come easy for most.

If you’re a new mom, you probably feel like you’ve moved heaven and earth just to produce milk, just to end up feeling frustrated because it seems like you can’t and your baby’s still hungry… And in their first few weeks, they are ALWAYS hungry!

You may even reach the point wherein you dread feeding time because it HURTS!

The first milk you’ll feed your baby is colostrum – it’s full of anti-bodies, creamy-looking, high protein, and is low fat. If your baby is not latched well, you will end up having sore, cracked, and even bleeding nipples.

And because your baby wants to feed constantly and is unsettled after feeding, you figure that you can’t produce enough milk. At this point, you think of giving up and start using formula.

You may also be concerned about feeding on a three-four hour routine, instead of on demand. I can’t blame you, mommas need to rest too.

And there are mommas that suspect low supply due to hormonal imbalance or are affected by medical conditions. In which case, the underlying problem should be addressed and consulted with doctors.

Having an opportunity to connect with other mothers for support and encouragement during this tough time can make such a BIG difference. Breastfeeding Mommas aims to do just that.

We’re here to explore ways we can help each other to help make breastfeeding a wonderful experience for us and our babies.

So, don’t give up on breastfeeding. More often than not, you will have adequate milk supply if you just keep on feeding. Remember, you are doing a great job momma!