Mama Bird Tees Review: How to Look Great and Feel Comfortable While Breastfeeding

If you’re a breastfeeding mom, you know that the struggle is real in terms of choosing what to wear every single day! It needs to be one where your breasts are easily accessible and comfortable to wear. As such, options are obviously quite limited! While function is very important, it also won’t hurt if what you have on is also stylish.

Mama Bird Tees Review

Robin V-Neck Tee

Mama Bird Tees Review – Tanks and Tees

Mama Bird Tees were launched in 20 July 2016 by Lily Nguyen-Malone, an innovative and creative mom, who also had her fair share of challenges when she was breastfeeding. Name it – cracked and bleeding nipples, getting the right latch, and even not having enough supply. Prior to having her son, she thought breastfeeding was easy and something that happened naturally and with ease.

Like most of us, she found it very difficult to find something to wear that will make nursing on the go a breeze. Wearing the usual regular tops weren’t exactly the best choice if it will expose your belly, right? While there are more options nowadays, she felt that there was a need to fill a void in the market for moderately-priced nursing wear that didn’t look like they were just meant for breastfeeding!

Mama Bird Tees Review

Wren Crew Neck Tee

Tops should be first and foremost easy to wear, yet stylish!

She wanted to come up with designs that any woman would want to wear – not just for nursing moms! It should also be excellent for breastfeeding in public as it is one of the major issues faced by breastfeeding mothers.

You’ll notice that her designs are everyday pieces that vary in terms of fit and neckline.

Easy and discreet nursing

Mama Bird Tees Review

Back side of Ava Muscle Tank

The cutouts in the under layer offer easy access for convenient breastfeeding which I totally love! The top layer, when not lifted for nursing, covers the cutouts completely.

The signature split back allows the top layer to lift freely and be used as a nursing cover. You just have to pull it over your baby’s head. And it works well even if they squirm a lot!

Tried it as a stand-alone top for warmer weather, and under a jacket in case it gets cooler. Maybe it’s not such a great idea to wear the same color as your little one, otherwise your breasts will look enlarged and lopsided, lol!

Mama Bird Tees Review

When used as a breastfeeding cover

Soft and lightweight material

At first I thought the fabric wasn’t thick enough, but when I wore it, I was surprised to see that it fit really well and coverage was great!

They’re made of 95% rayon, 5% spandex lightweight, and super soft jersey. It really is very, very soft and lightweight!

It’s also easy to wash. Just machine wash cold in gentle cycle and lay flat to dry.

Mama Bird Tees Review

When used as a breastfeeding cover

Basic wardrobe items that anyone can wear

Tanks and tees are basically wardrobe staples that makes it easy to mix and match. The solid, neutral colors help a lot! Now I don’t have to stick to a wardrobe filled with stripes!

Even women who don’t have kids or who are not nursing anymore have expressed that they want one, are more than happy to wear them, or wish they had some when they were nursing!

For a limited time offer, use the promo code BFM15 and get 15% off when you order your Mama Bird Tees. Valid until 05 September 2016, midnight.

Mama BirdTees Review

Lark Swing Tank

Mama Bird Tees
Price: $45.99
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Lily hopes to keep pushing forward with the brand and would love for it to be the “go to” staple for all nursing mothers. She’s hoping to extend the collection to 3/4 sleeves, long sleeves, and even dresses! Watch out for more good things from Mama Bird Tees!

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions or want to leave your own personal review, leave your comment below.

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