How to Turn Your Bra Into a Nursing Tank

turn your bra into a nursing tankWhile it would be wonderful to have a closet filled with nursing tanks, the reality for most is that we only have a few.

After all, we don’t want to spend so much on nursing outfits! Some even prefer to just buy nursing bras…

Now you might be wondering – how we can take nursing bras a step further?

I love this genius idea where you can practically turn your bra into a nursing tank! It’s invented by moms, for moms!

Undercover Mama shirts are perfect for pregnancy and breastfeeding! You can attach it to any nursing bra!

It has loop and hook attachments that can clip into a top-opening nursing bra.

I even love that it keeps your tummy and back covered when you lift your shirt to breastfeed.

turn your bra into a nursing tankSnug fit and great coverage

I have several nursing tanks, and since I think there are those that don’t offer much support, I just end up wearing them at home.

While I have those that have built-in cups which I use when I go out, I have started to have a love-hate relationship with them since I’ve noticed that my nipples show through them!

While that’s fine during winter since I can put on layers, that’s not necessarily the best thing during warmer days!

While you have to get a smaller size than your regular shirt size, it offers a snug fit and it doesn’t bunch up!

I usually wear medium, so I ordered small. I was very anxious prior to receiving my order that it wouldn’t fit, and I was already thinking of returning it to change the size.

So you can just imagine how happy I was when I tried it on, since it fit perfectly!

turn your bra into a nursing tankThe length is absolutely another thing about it that I love! It is long enough, and it covers your back and belly!

I like tucking it in when I’m wearing jeans, and I think it also helps prevent camel toe when you’re wearing leggings.

Simple to use and fuss-free

Undercover Mama nursing tanks are basically strapless tanks that attach to any nursing bra.

It comes with two kinds of attachments – a plastic hook and a rubber loop. You can choose whatever works for you.

You can slide each hook onto the flap of your nursing bra a little below the clasp or on to the strap of your bra instead of the flap.

However, if you hook it to the strap of your bra, you’ll need to unhook the Undercover Mama each time you nurse.

turn your bra into a nursing tank

Plastic hook attachment

Personally, I like using the rubber loop to attach it to my nursing bra.

turn your bra into a nursing tank

Rubber loop attachment

While you can probably wear this alone, I think it looks better when layered.

Wear it under your shirt and then when it’s time to nurse, you can pull your shirt up, unhook your bra strap (attached to your Undercover Mama nursing tank), and pull the bra strap and tank down in one piece.

Even cleaning it is simple! Just put it in the washing machine using cold water and then hang to dry.

Here’s a quick video on how to use your Undercover Mama nursing tank using both attachments:

Stylish and comfortable

turn your bra into a nursing tankThe Undercover Mama tank is soft, stretchy, and is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. It comes in so many different colors, and it’s even available in polka dots.

There are also slim tanks with a 360 degree slimming panel starting just under the bust, going down to the hemline.

And one that’s made of silkier, heat and moisture wicking and fade resistant fabric to keep you cool while nursing.

It is also reasonably priced.

Undercover Mama Tank
Price: $24.99
Where to Buy: Undercover Mama or Amazon

turn your bra into a nursing tank

Orders are packaged with thank you cardsage

You can’t go wrong with an Undercover Mama nursing tank. Turn your bras into a nursing tank for easy and discreet nursing! It works perfectly when layering and the material is just right.

I highly recommended these nursing tanks since they are so stretchy and soft, and they can be used from pregnancy, breastfeeding, and even when you’re done with breastfeeding.

There’s just so many colors to choose from, that you might not just end up with one with you order your own Undercover Mama!

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions or want to leave your own personal review, leave your comment below.


  1. Zed says:

    Hey Raquel !
    This is really an interesting read that every nursing mom out there should have a look at ! I mean, taking bras and dialing them up to eleven, turning them into nursing tanks is brilliant. They seem to be comfy and practical. My wife should check this out ASAP 🙂
    Thank you.

    • Raquel says:

      Thanks Zed! They’re really practical if you don’t want to buy a lot of nursing tanks and want to maximize the nursing bras you have. And yes, its so stretchy and comfy. I’m sure your wife will love it!

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