Ergo Baby Carrier Review – Baby Wearing and Nursing

Product: Ergo Baby Carrier Review
Price: $115-135 (original)
Cheapest Place to Buy:
Material: 100% cotton
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5

The Ergo Baby Carrier, Product Overview

ergo baby carrier reviewI needed a hands-free solution since my baby wanted to be with me all the time! It was really adorable at the beginning, then it started making me feel depressed that I could not do anything else. I couldn’t even go to the toilet without hearing her loud cry, and I had to learn to eat very, very fast while standing.

The Ergo Baby Carrier allows you to cradle your baby in a natural seating position. The padded waist belt also ensures that the baby’s weight is distributed between your hips and shoulders. It also has padded shoulder straps, a large zippered storage pocket (I use it to put a bib or my phone), and a hood. The hood is so useful when you want to put your baby to sleep, and as a head cover at night or if it’s sunny, windy, or rainy.

With an Ergo Baby Infant Insert, it can be used until your baby has good head and neck control (7 – 12 lbs/ 3.2 – 5.5 kgs). Without an infant insert, it can be used until your baby has reached 12 – 45 lbs/ 5.5 – 20 kg. I will be walking you through some of my favourite aspects of the Ergo Baby Carrier in this review.

Comfort Outweighs the Cost

My sister passed on her Organic Cotton Ergo Baby Carrier and Baby Bjorn to me since they’ve decided that they’re done, and happy having two beautiful kids. I have not tried the Baby Bjorn she gave me because it looks complicated, and I heard more positive reviews about the Ergo Baby Carrier. Honestly, I can’t thank her enough because I just love my Ergo Baby Carrier!

ergo baby carrier reviewAt first, I wasn’t too keen on using it quite yet because I thought I was all set with a bassinet (both at home and her stroller). But once you feel like you need to be hands-free at home (which will be sooner than you think) and when you travel, you will realize how important a baby carrier is.

When we travelled out of the country, my baby was 4 months old. Since we didn’t want to bring too much luggage, we decided not to bring a stroller or a pram. We thought we’ll just borrow one when we arrive at our destination. So I used the Ergo Baby Carrier with an infant insert. I was quite anxious at first about the thought of not bringing a stroller…

But you know what, I cannot believe how comfortable this carrier was! It didn’t even give me any back pain! And it was so easy to move around. It’s funny how some people in the airport didn’t even notice that I had my baby with me. I guess from afar, they thought I was just carrying a backpack!

And then, since the bassinet we requested on the plane was unfortunately not available, I used the Ergo Baby Carrier althoughout the flight so my baby can sleep. Even I can sleep as I was buckled in my seat. It was really very helpful!

My baby actually prefers being carried this way on long walks rather than being in the stroller (or pram). It is so helpful especially when we go to places where bringing a stroller is not ideal (like a flight of stairs, bumpy roads, and small spaces). Being so close to her makes our bonding stronger, and she’s also very calm and settled. I think she feels so secure, pretty much like when she was still in my womb.

Safe Baby Wearing and Nursing

Choosing the right carrier is so important in baby wearing. It will depend on your preference, budget, and even style. When trying on a new carrier, it is critical to practice over a soft surface, with a mirror in front of you so you can see if you’re doing it right, and preferably with someone to spot you.

ergo baby carrierI had to practice several times before I used the Ergo Baby Carrier in public. I wanted to be sure that my baby was safe and comfortable. I kept checking if it was a snug fit, her back was supported well, and that she was close enough to kiss. I wore it at home several times – just to be sure! Plus, I needed to free up my hands at home so I can do a bit of cleaning or cooking.

There are three positions that you can practice – front, back, and hip. The new Ergo Baby Four Position 360 carrier even allows you to carry your baby in a front outward position! Since I always want to see my baby and would like to be ready to breastfeed at any point, I love the front carry position.

Here’s a quick video on how to breastfeed using an Ergo Baby Carrier:

I didn’t even realise how easy it was to breastfeed using the carrier until I tried it. Again, practice at home first so that you’ll be more confident when you actually do it outside. Just loosen the strap on the side you will use for breastfeeding and use the hood as cover. The first time I tried it in public, I even had a nursing cover on because I was so afraid of my boobs being too exposed!

Tighten the strap when you are done and do the same on the other side. I think it’s really better if you wear nursing tank that opens up or a low cut stretch neckline so it’s easy to nurse on the go.

Putting It On and Removing It Is a Breeze

ergo baby carrier reviewIt is really easy to put it on and remove it. I also love the safety features in the belt! Just make sure that it’s tight and snug on you before you put your baby.

Ensure that your baby’s legs are in a frog-legged position and that the thighs, back, head, and neck are supported. They should be as comfortable as possible.

The infant insert has a removable pillow that can be maximised as your baby grows, and it also has optional straps. If your baby is somewhere between 4-6 months and has good neck and head control (but is too short to bend at the knees), you can use the pillow without the infant insert.

I just thought that the infant insert was way too warm during summer. The good thing is that Ergobaby now has the Performance edition that is made of lightweight, breathable mesh fabric that should help keep baby cool in hot climates.

Its Conclusive, Ergo Baby Carrier Is Worth Every Penny

ergo baby carrier reviewNo wonder so many mothers love it, you definitely get what you pay for. Although the price can be a drawback, you will surely appreciate it once you use it. The comfort it offers is unparalled. I totally believe in the product and I LOVE using it. If you value your back and your baby’s safety, I highly recommend that you get your own Ergo Baby Carrier. I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about the Ergo Baby Carrier or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.


  1. Anna says:

    Hi Raquel,

    I really enjoyed reading this review of the Ergo Baby Carrier! It was very thorough and informative! Yes, there is a bit of a cost, but as you say, it’s worth every penny. I’d rather buy a product that is durable and good quality versus buying something cheap that isn’t going to last! I love that it’s so versatile and there’s a great selection to choose from!

    I think this would make a fantastic baby shower gift and maybe a person could split the cost with one or two people!

    Thanks for the great information!


    • Raquel says:

      Thanks Anna! I’m sure we’ve all scrimped on some stuff only to replace it soon because we weren’t happy with it. The Ergo Baby carrier is really very durable and the quality is tops! I highly recommend it. Whoever receives it as a gift, will surely be more than happy to use it.

  2. Janelle says:

    My friend has a baby carrier like this one. Her baby is now 5 months old and still in the carrier a lot of the time. I know that individual parenting beliefs differ radically and that is healthy.
    My question is this. Is there an age where a baby should not be in the carrier any more. I worry about the way their little hips are stretched out so wide. Fine in infancy but what about later?
    I would really appreciate your advice.

    • Raquel says:

      Hi Janelle. Glad you brought this up. It’s not really the age since babies may differ, but the maximum weight limit for an Ergo Baby carrier is 45 lbs (or 20 kgs). If this is the carrier your friend is using, it is best to use the removable pillow at the base of the infant insert for a 4-6 month old baby for extra support. This enables the baby to be in a natural seated position if they still do not have strong head and neck control.

      I recommend this carrier because no matter what position you carry your baby. they are seated in an ergonomically correct, frog-leg position with knees at or above the hips. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute recommend the use of baby carriers (such as Ergo Baby) that support an ergonomic seated position with the legs spread and thighs supported to the knee joints. And you have all the reason to be worried because this is most critical during the baby’s first six months. Hope this helps.

  3. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

    The Ergo Baby Carrier’s benefits seem to far outweigh the costs. The ability to be hands free to perform other tasks, yet be close enough to kiss your baby, also seems like a great plus. The Ergo Baby Carrier looks like a great way to breastfeed privately even when out in public as well. I can see how the Ergo Baby Carrier would also be great for us Dads. Thank you for sharing your experience and advice with us all.

    • Raquel says:

      My pleasure, Tony. I really believe in the Ergo Baby carrier and I love wearing it every time. Being able to breastfeed in public while wearing it so helpful. And you’re absolutely right, it also works perfectly for dads too.

  4. Mario says:

    Hey Raquel! I loved reading your Ergo Baby Carrier review. I’m impressed at how good they have improved baby carriers through the years. Ergobaby carriers are the best. They look so comfortable and they even have different colors and designs. I may sound like a girl, but they are kind of cute too. Definitely a good buy.

    • Raquel says:

      Thanks Mario! Ergo Baby Carriers are indeed worth every penny. It’s a good investment. They do have a huge selection and you just have to choose the one you like best. If you want something comfortable that you can use everyday, go for Original. If your baby has sensitive skin like mine, I recommend that you go for Organic Cotton fabric. If you want one that’s cooler for warm climates and outdoor activities, go for the Performance ones. And if you want a carrier that offers the front-outward carry option, go for the Four Position 360.

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